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Moving your business critical applications and infrastructure to the cloud can be a daunting task, CloudXel can help advise & guide you to make the right choices.

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Digital technology has brought information right at our fingertips, with just one click of a link. This means limitless and infinite possibilities for your business. Business processes have transformed – from the way we store, access and share information, to the design of our hardware, and the virtualization of our software and programs.

Cloud computing has become one of the number one business solutions that have transformed companies in the way they do things.

Our team at CloudXel is ready to help you set your business up for the cloud and open doors for limitless possibilities.

Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is often referred to as a technology. However, it is actually a major shift in the business and economic models for provisioning and consuming information technology that can lead to significant cost savings in various forms. These cost savings can only be achieved through the use of significant pooling of computing resources which is more commonly known as resource pooling.

By utilising public cloud, your business can take advantage of the economies of scale, agility, technology and encapsulated change management it provides. Cloud computing will help reduce capital expenditure, enhance as well as speed up development/testing times when used in conjunction with agile development methodologies and DevOps principles.